Over 60 years of experience in forensic science and engineering investigations for the insurance and legal sector.

Founded in the 1960s, GHP has built a reputation as one of the UK’s leading forensic investigation firms, offering a full-service engineering and scientific platform for insurance and legal clients. The entire team has now joined Halliwell Forensics, bringing a breadth of experience in causation determination with particular deep expertise in mechanical, electrical and materials forensic engineering.

We offer expertise in all manner of technical investigations including fire origin and cause investigation, explosion investigation, mechanical engineering and materials failures, electrical and electronic engineering faults and failures including electric shock and electrocution, transport claims, road traffic accident investigations, personal injury claims, fire protection engineering and associated building defects.

With offices in London, Bath, Runcorn and Dumfries we are well placed to respond promptly to instructions requiring immediate on site investigations in any part of the country.

We have the in-house resources to undertake a wide variety of forensic science and engineering investigations, supplemented by specialist consultants and analytical facilities where appropriate.

We investigate everything from small domestic losses to large multi-million pound commercial claims. We are particularly experienced in large losses, contractors’ liability and product liability, and have acquired specialist expertise in fire claims originating from ‘white goods’.

Our People.

Our team are experts in their field, with significant industry experience.

All of our investigators have a formal graduate level qualification in an engineering or physical science discipline including mechanical engineering, materials science, manufacturing, electrical and electronic engineering, fire engineering, forensic science and engineering, and chemistry. Most of our investigators hold additional post-graduate qualifications and/or professional certifications.

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Our Services.

Fire investigation

We investigate all types of fire incident, from the smallest appliance fire to the largest multi-million-pound loss. Our experience extends to residential and commercial properties, cars and commercial vehicles, manufacturing and industrial processes and facilities, and electrical consumer goods amongst many others. We have appropriately qualified electrical engineers to provide specialist back-up in the investigation of fires of electrical origin.

Explosion investigation

We have experience in investigating gas explosions in residential and commercial properties, and in gas fired plant including heating systems and commercial production facilities. We have also investigated incidents involving the ignition of flammable liquids.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

As well as investigating fires involving electrical ignition sources, our electrical engineers are experienced in the investigation of electric shock and electrocution in personal injury cases. We have also been involved in the investigation of failures in electrical production and distribution systems including turbines, wind farms and solar photo-voltaic systems.


We have experience in investigating claims arising from goods in transit including loading and unloading accidents in both marine and land-based environments. We have also been involved in the investigation of several high-profile train collisions and derailments.

Road traffic accidents

Several of our engineers are experienced in traffic accident reconstructions including collisions between vehicles and other road users, and pedestrians. We can also assist where the incident involves consideration of the mechanical failure of vehicle components including the examination of tyres, brakes, suspension, steering and other safety systems.

Personal injury

We are often instructed in personal injury cases involving slips, trips, and falls; defective equipment and machinery; unsafe working practices; adequacy of risk assessments.

Mechanical engineering and materials science

Our mechanical and materials engineers have been instructed to investigate defects in motor vehicles, plant and machinery. We have also investigated failures of fire suppression systems, pipework and pumping systems, and structural failures and collapses. We have particular expertise in welding, cutting and engineering fabrication and the maintenance and repair of engineering plant and equipment. We have significant experience in the examination of metals, plastics and composites for fatigue failure, corrosion and impact damage. We have also provided expert advice in instances where manufacturing plant has failed to perform to specification.

Fire protection

The investigation of the spread of a fire often includes the consideration of passive fire protection measures such as fire stopping, and active measures such as sprinkler systems. We are experienced in the examination of passive fire protection measures and can comment on their compliance with the Approved Documents to the Building Regulations. We are also able to comment on the performance and design of sprinkler systems and their compliance with national and European standards.

HSE prosecutions

We have provided expert evidence in the defence of HSE prosecutions involving allegedly defective vehicles, unsafe working practices and inadequate process controls across a wide variety of industries. Incidents have included fatal and non-fatal accidents, fires, explosions, and electrocutions/electric shock.