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Areas of Expertise

  • Fire Investigations
    origin and cause; spread of fire including defects in building structure and fire protection measures; sprinkler system performance
  • Explosion Investigations
    natural gas, petrol and other hydrocarbon deflagrations; fuel identity and origin; identification of ignition sources
  • Criminal Forensic Science
    glass and paint examinations; footwear mark and toolmark comparisons
  • Civil and Structural Engineering
    construction and building services disputes; site investigations including failures of pipework and pumping systems; structural failures and collapses
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    failures of electrical and electronic systems and components; electric shock and electrocution; fires of electrical origin
  • Materials Failures
    metals, plastics and composites including fatigue; corrosion; impact damage
  • Mechanical Engineering
    defects in motor vehicles, plant and machinery; failure to perform to specification in manufacturing plant; failure of fire suppression systems; welding, cutting and engineering fabrication; maintenance and repair of engineering plant and equipment
  • Personal Injury
    slips, trips and falls; defective equipment and machinery; unsafe working practices; adequacy of risk assessments
  • Health & Safety Executive/Environment Agency prosecutions
    appraisal of prosecution evidence incorporating site investigations and inspections as necessary
  • Transportation
    road traffic accident reconstructions; train collisions and derailments
  • Shipping and Cargo
    Cargo/goods in transit claims; loading and unloading accidents; fires and explosions
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